• Slotting Chisels Series

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Slotting Chisels Series.  Slotting Chisels series use for paint, plaster, floor, tile, bricklaying, and etc.


Mason Chisel MAC-0601
Curve Blade Chisel CBC-R251
Right Angle Chisel RAC-0601
Wave Blade Chisel WBC-0601
Side Cutter Chisel SCC-0601
Hollow Guoge HOG-R251
Slotting Chisel (60mm) SLC-0601
Slotting Chisel (12mm) SLC-0121
Slotting Chisel (25mm) SLC-0251
Curve Blade Chisel CBC-R101
Right Angle Chisel RAC-0251
Wide Scaling Chisel WSC-0601
Bent Blunt Chisel BBC-0601
Hollow Guoge HOG-R151