• Long Deep Reach AllGo Sharp-Edged Interchangeable Chisels and Punches

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Long Deep Reach AllGo Interchangeable Sharp-Edged Chisels and Punches.  Able to reach deep area for working.  Various common bits are available for different needs.  Easy to interchange the bit.  Protect the user's hand with our patented design double-layer PVC grip.  A whole set put in a blow mouth case for convenient storage and easy carriage.


ASCP-13L08 Whole set with blow mouth case size 45*20*6.2cm Weight: 2.62KGS
AGCP-13B41 Long Deep Handle Length: 46cm / 18.1"
CAP-21306 Cape Chisel Width: 6mm
CRB-11340 Curve Blade Width: 40mm
FTC-21322 Flat Chisel Width: 22mm
FTC-21325 Flat Chisel Width: 25mm
FTC-21316 Flat Chisel Width: 16mm
ROF-0830 Round Face Outer Diameter: 30mm
TAP-11303 Taper Punch Outer Diameter: 3mm
TAP-11306 Taper Punch Outer Diameter: 8mm