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Flat tire is the last thing a driver wants to see during transportation. However, if the situation happens, the driver needs a good lug wrench to easily and quickly change the wheel at the least effort.  It takes much space to keep the traditional X type lug wrench and too much energy consuming on the L type.  Tonsco® patented Double Power Lug Wrench® solves all the problems traditional lug wrenches have.

FEATURE ONE: Patented Slidable Handle – Push down the clutch to adjust handle positions.

BENEFIT: Increase Power / Save Energy – Archimedes said, “Give me a place to stand, and a lever long enough, and I will move the world.”  

Slide the handle to increase lever of force, i.e. it amplifies an input force to provide a greater force.  Welcome to the magic world of leverage!  By providing the leverage, drivers apply half force to come out with a double power.  Double Power Lug Wrench® can easily remove and install the bolts from the wheel.  It helps the driver saving time and energy from the rough time.

 FEATURE TWO: Patented Foldable Handle – Push down the clutch to fold the handles.

BENEFIT: Save Space / Easy Storage / Easy Carry - Traditional X lug wrenches take too much space and not easy for storage.  With Double Power Lug Wrench®, user can fold the handles to parallel and store in the car with little space occupied.  It could be carried away easily.

Double Power Lug Wrench® is made of Chrome-Vanadium alloy steel and with precision heat treatment, strong enough for all kinds of heavy duty jobs.  There are various size models for sedan, van, mini bus, bus, light duty and heavy duty truck. Patent registered in TaiwanChinaUSA,  Germany, and worldwide.



DPL-3501 17 19 21
1/2" 350mm 1.08kgs
DPL-3502 17 19 21 23
350mm 1.08kgs
DPL-3511 11/16" 3/4" 13/16" 7/8"
350mm 1.08kgs
DPL-4001 17 19 21
1/2" 400mm 1.25kgs
DPL-4002 17 19 21 23
400mm 1.25kgs
DPL-4011 11/16" 3/4" 13/16" 7/8"
400mm 1.25kgs


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