• AllGo Chisel and Punch for auto repair

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All Go Chisel & Punch Set for Auto Body Repair.  Interchangeable chisels and punches with a double protective handle.  Light weight and easy to carry and store.  High working efficiency.


T-Flat Chisel Blunt 13H 60mm L: 80mm 1
Center Punch 13H D3mm L: 86mm 1
Cross Curve 13H 40mm L: 80mm 1
Curve Chisel Blunt 13H 40mm L: 80mm 1
Flat Chisel Sharp 13H 22mm L: 130mm 1
Ball Peen 13H D25mm L: 80mm 1
Multi-Curve 13H 20mm x 40mm L: 80mm 1
Round Face 13H D30mm L: 80mm 1