• GearJaw Wrecker for Remodelling & Demolition

Model : GWK-47201 GWK-47161 GNP-40201 GNP-40161

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● Adjustable prying jaw head: multi-angles to fit the wooden works

● Striking area at jaw head for deeper wrecking action

● Hole at prying jaw head for wire or rope tying and pulling

● Strong and effect design of wrecking end or nail puller option

● Anti-slip soft and comfortable grip


GWK-47201 51cm / 20" 1.10 kgs
GWK-47161 41cm / 16" 0.97 kg
GNP-40210 51cm / 20" 1.05 kgs
GNP-40161 41cm / 16" 0.92 kg



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