• Interchangeable AllGo Sharp-Edged Chisels and Punches

Model : ASCP-13BQ12

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Interchangeable AllGo Sharp-Edged Chisels and Punches.  Patented locking device holds the bit firmly.  All common chisels and punches in one set in a blow mouth case, convenient for storing and easy for carrying.  The holder is equipped with a double layer PVC grip, the best protector for the user's hand.  Bit shank size: 13mm Hex  Material: made of chrome vanadium (Cr-V) with precision heat treatment.



Flat Chisel Width: 13mm

Flat Chisel Width: 16mm

Flat Chisel Width: 19mm

Flat Chisel Width: 22mm

Flat Chisel Width: 25mm

Cape Chisel Width: 8mm Length: 275mm

Taper Punch Diameter: 3mm Length: 270mm

Taper Punch Diameter: 6mm Length: 270mm

Pin Punch Diameter: 5mm Length: 250mm

Pin Punch Diameter: 6mm Length: 250mm

Center Punch Diameter: 3mm Length: 245mm

Center Punch Diameter: 5mm Length: 270mm