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Model : GJW-50180 GJW-50183 GJW-50261 GJW-50221 GJW-50302

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An efficient and effective tool to remove lumber materials and fasteners.  An ideal remolding and demolition hand tool for building and construction users.  Its adjustable GearJaw to gain maximum leverage.  It's easy to lift wooden or pallet boards and planks.  Nails can be lifted at different angles.  Material: best quality chrome vanadium (Cr-V) with precision heat treatment, strong and durable.


GJW-50180 46cm / 18" 1.17 kgs 30kgf-m
GJW-50221 55cm / 22" 1.40 kgs 35 kgf-m
GJW-50261 66cm / 26" 1.56 kgs 40 kgf-m
GJW-50302 76cm / 30" 1.70 kgs 45 kgf-m


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